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About Courteous Champs

In today’s competitive world, overall development of children has become extremely important. It is no longer enough for the child to be academically sound; he or she needs to be well groomed with impeccable manners and etiquette, to be able to stand out amongst the rest. Good manners and discipline often become second nature, if they are taught from an early age. We at Courteous Champs

  • Focus on Overall development of children.
  • Create a stronger bond between parents and their child.
  • Sow the seeds of manners and etiquette within your child.
  • Train children in the right way so that when old they will not stray.
  • Help the child gain respect and create a good as well as a lasting impression.
  • Teach your child to think differently and be different.
  • Create a powerful impact that discipline has on the developing brain of infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Our Programs

Courteous Champs is not limited to any age group. We have courses for all age groups on Personality development, Conversational Skills and Spoken English and Etiquette Training.We at Courteous Champs help children and adults become courteous, responsible and polished individuals.


Four to Seven years old

Courteous Stars


Eight to Twelve Years

Courteous Superstars


Thirteen to Sixteen years

Courteous Teens


Tailor made courses for adults.

Courteous Club



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