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Train children in the right way so that when old they will not stray.


To be able to reach out nationally & teach every child social skills in order to contribute to their future and well being of the society.

"Merissa Kovvuru - Founder Courteous Champs"


Merissa Kovvuru

Founder Courteous Champs

Ms. Merissa Kovvuru is the founder of Courteous Champs.

She has always loved kids right from the time she was a child. Love and passion for kids made her understand children and motivated her to start “Courteous Champs” nurturing your child’s tomorrow.

Carrying an experience of over 5 years with renowned corporates, she developed a need within her to bring a change in our society by sharing Values, Etiquette & Manners among children through workshops.

She carries a natural flow towards social skills.After conducting tutorials with kids for 6 years she realized that kids need something deeper which is beyond academic education.

There was a need for a platform to learn manners and social skills that will come to them spontaneously and last for a lifetime. Hence, “Courteous Champs” has been established by Merissa.

 On the educational front she has completed her Post graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations in 2001- 02.

Merissa has also been awarded a diploma in Montessori Teachers Training in 2011.

For her -“To learn something new is a timeless pleasure and a valuable treasure.” She also received her certification from Intesol Worldwide in 2019 ,an Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals 180 hours certification in TESOL from UK, which gives her strong command on English and thus she can teach spoken English, conversational English, public speaking and overall personality development to kids along with manners and etiquette. Apart from the the academic qulifications Merissa is also a certified social skills trainer for children having completed her course from US in 2019.She has also received a certification in “Grooming and Etiquette” from Rukshana Eisa, Author of The Golden Code , an Image Consultant and an official Grooming Coach for Miss India.

"Noopur Chib - Co. Founder Courteous Champs"

Noopur Chib

Co- Founder Courteous Champs

Noopur Chib started her career with one of the leading international airlines. Given her passion for travel and quest to understand cultural diversity around the world, she acquired immense knowledge and exposure on how society and environment, play a key role in the development of people. Her overall experience of 15 years made her master the fundamentals of fine dining, communication and behavioural aspects of individuals. Over a period of time she discovered, that, whether its career or social life, people tend to evaluate others on perception, based on their appearance, behaviour and communication skills.

She took a conscious decision to devote quality time to her children after marriage, as they grew up. To further her aspirations, she ventured in to the field of education and took up the challenge of helping parents to nurture their children in this dynamically evolving society. She realised, that, although schools have considerably evolved in their teaching methodology, curriculum and exposure towards extra curricular activities, there is still a huge gap and lack of focus on the softer aspects, such as etiquette and manners.

After a careful analysis of the gap in our current social environment and the urgent need to inculcate true value systems in our children from an early age, Noopur has ventured to help the parents coach their children and gear them up for a bright future in both their personal and professional life, ahead.

Noopur, has accquired a certification in TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language) from INTESOL Worldwide UK, accredited and certified by ALAP( Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals). She has also completed her certification in ‘Grooming & Etiquette’ from Image Inc. conducted and presented by Rukshana Eisa, an official Grooming and Etiquette Expert for Miss India & Author of ‘The Golden Code’.


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